August 28, 2013

Dog Days

The last few weeks have been so incredibly crazy busy! Things won't really slow down until October, but September brings a small respite from the constant on the go-ness this month has brought. I'm really looking forward to a mostly slow paced Autumn. 

I've got a couple of posts I'm working on to sum up my summer adventures (including my birthday hike/picnic!!), but can we all just agree that Summer is over? I mean, it doesn't actually feel like Autumn here, but I had Corn Chowder for dinner last night and my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season this morning (Which was then spilled all over my desk thanks to a misplaced file while on the phone with a cranky creditor. grrr.). Now if the weather would just cooperate! 

Hat- thrifted, Cardigan- thrifted, Dress- vintage 70's, thrifted, Belt- Target, Boots- Target

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