September 30, 2013

Last Summer. Part One

We went camping and it was wonderful.
This is a mix of Instagrams and DSLR pics. They're all out of order cuz I'm lazy like that.
We took a shot in the dark and went in search of a first-come-first-serve spot in Big Bear. The spot we found wasn't exactly ideal, but it did have an amazingly breathtaking view.

I headed up early with Dee, Eric, and Grace. The first morning Grace and I were up early and made a really great fire together. Then we sat and watched bluejays play while sipping our cocoa and coffee until the other two woke up. It was actually perfect.

Big Bear Lake only has a few swimming spots and we took Grace over to one of them as a reward for being incredibly patient while we charged our phones at Starbucks for two hours...

We never camp in So.California because a) dirt b) it's just too damn hot, and c) my dad hates Ponderosa Pine trees... We all much prefer camping farther North, but our plans for that fell through this year. Big Bear was nearly 90 (it's at like 6000 ft guys) for most of our trip, but despite the heat it was undeniably beautiful!

We ate at our favourite restaurant in Big Bear, Teddybears, our first night and Grace and Delaney tried to mimic the derp-bear.

I am terrible at night photography. But somehow I managed to get this shot.

Grace had my camera while we were driving and was insanely proud of her photography skillz.

We did get a little respite from the heat in the way of a monsoon. It wasn't quite a monsoon (those videos will come later!), but it did bring some rain and cooler temps which was greatly appreciated!

I found this classy dame in a shop up there. 

My dad decided to drive down a dirt road and we ended up driving up a mountain. the view was spectacular as the sun set around us. There's a 10 minute video of Eric having a panic attack about flying off the edge of the road, but it's buried somewhere in the depths of my phone. It was pretty great.

We had some pretty great skies.

We found a new (to us) cafe which we stopped at mainly for the name. I have no idea if the food was actually good or not. We were all starving by the time we ate, so everything tasted amazing. Fraser ate like four plates.

I represented Oregon State.

I found these at Kmart and have seriously regretted not buying one. Must find!

I was sad when it was time to leave. :-(

Mostly because I was not looking forward to breathing in that air...

And our Journey ended.
It was really wonderful.

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