October 3, 2013


Messy bathroom. Uber Patriotic outfit in celebration of being government free. V for Victory!
Details: Dress- Me Made; Bandana- Thrifted; Shades- Thrifted; Cardigan- Old navy; Belt- Target; Saltwaters- Thrifted

Right now my car is in the shop which is where I keep my tripod (my truck, not the mechanic shop), and I haven't been able to take any proper photos of outfits. Which is sad because I've had some good ones. But here is a few from Instagram that I managed to document.

This is a terrible photo.  LA County Fair Double Decker Carousel. It was rad.
Details: Tights & Belt- Target; Cardigan- Thrifted; Dress- Me Made; Brooches- Vintage, Ireland, Thrifted, and one Macgyvered; Hat- Me Made

Accidentally channeling Dorothy Gale. 
Details: Jumper- Thrifted, Altered; Blouse- Thrifted; Cardigan- Old Navy; Belt- Target
Keds- Gift; Bangle- Gift 

My hair was doing good things too.

I had to drive farther inland for work on a day that was 113*. I rewarded myself with a goodwill trip.
Details: Blouse & Skirt- Thrifted, Cardigan- Old Navy ( I didn't realize I wore this one so often...); Belt & Boots- Target

Bear Brooch- Ailwee Caves, Ireland; Floral Cameo- Vintage, thrifted

Here's how I felt about it being 113* in September...

Typically I try to look like I raided my grandpa's closet.
Details: Everything is thrifted except the boots and tights which are from Target (the tights are actually green)

I sneezed and took a picture. I also didn't want to go to work and thus I wore leggings as pants.
Details: Hat- Me Made; Blouse- Target; Leggings- Thrifted; Loafers- Target

We had a Monsoon. Actually we had a bunch of them. But this one left me panicked because I'd forgotten to close my sunroof. I was outside for maybe five minutes and came back drenched.
Details: Blouse- Target; Belt- Target; Skirt- Thrifted, Altered; Sandals- Target

I have a whole post in the works on this wonderful day, but here is what I wore to celebrate my birthday!
Fraser found the coolest spot and promptly took a nap. 
Details: Dress as a blouse- Old Navy; Skirt- Me Made; Sandals- Target; Hair Comb- Me Made, Brooches- Vintage, Thrifted and a Family Heirloom.

I literally have no idea what my face is doing here. But I had just sat through the most incredibly mindnumbingly pointless Teacher Training class for 4H... I should note that I really liked this outfit in theory, but not so much in execution. It was weird. 
Details: Dress- Thrifted, Altered; Blouse- Thrifted; Cardigan- Thrifted; Belt & Boots- Target

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