October 29, 2013

Lumber Jill

Flannel- Thrift store, Dress- Me Made, Boots- Target

After how many years of fashion blogging I finally bought a camera remote. This first go was a little irritating, only because I forgot my tripod and couldn't get the angle right. But boy does it make life easier!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen a little peek at this outfit. I've been really into the idea of Pinafore Dresses lately. I made this one last winter, but I have more printed shirts than solids and I always get nervous mixing really loud prints together. I'm currently working on making a denim pinafore. Actually it's really a straight up overall dress, and I am really excited for it's layering potential. But last week I realized that I could just use my Summer dresses as pinafores and this is what I came up with. I was really afraid it would look garish, but in the end, I really loved it. In fact, This may be one of my favourite outfits in a long time. 

Last week, after a few days of 90* weather, we had a couple of days of really lovely cooler temperatures and overcast, foggy days. They were quickly replaced with mid 80 degree days and now I'm cranky about it. I keep checking the weather report for cooler days so I can attempt to get use of my Autumn wardrobe. It will forever be a mystery to me why people think the eternal Summers of California are a good thing.  90* in October is just uncalled for. 
I miss seasons. 

This is a weird picture, but for some reason it cracks me up. So serious.

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