November 4, 2013

Autumn Colours

Beret- Vintage, Blouse & Cardigan- Vintage, Thrift Store, Dress- Me-Made, Tights & Boots- Target
Earrings- World Market, Brooch- Vintage, Family Heirloom 

I've noticed recently that the idea of "having your colours done" has re-gained popularity. My mom had her's done back in the 80's after other women she knew convinced her to do so. Much to everyone's irritation she didn't fit into any one category. There are colours in each season that looked great on her and she left without a pallet to go by. Blame it on her flaming red hair, but it has served her well. Growing up we never were terribly concerned about what colours looked good on us. Bri was the only exception because the moment she puts any shade of green next to her porcelain skin, she looks like she's about to be terribly sick. But other than that we all just wore whatever colours made us happy. 

I've always gravitated towards dark, rich colours, and the occassional brighter hue. So when Autumn rolls around I am overjoyed! It's my colours guys! But every once in a blue moon I wear a pastel, and y'know, it's not terrible. So every time I see one of these online colour quizes I have taken one, mostly out of curiosity. Well apparently no one has ever accounted for a charcoal-grey-eyed, auburn-haired, very-pale-but-not-porcelain-skinned person. I don't even exist in the options to narrow down your colours. I'm not even one of the sub-colour groups. But the best I could determine is that I'm maybe a Late-Summer-Autumn-With-a-Hint-of-Winter? Man, why is this so complicated? 

Of course, even if I did belong to one season, I wouldn't follow it. My philosophy with clothes and colours is very simple: embrace colour, and a lot of it, and wear what makes you happy. This was definitely an outfit that made me happy and had a perfect amount of colour. Not to mention this was from a random properly cold day we had last week. Happy Ashley, through and through. 

 It also seems to be a "trend" to label your style. I like that in theory, but I think those boxes we have can make us think a little too hard. I know I fall into this trap all the time. But then I get outfits like this one where I'm like, man, this is an exact summary of how I want to always dress. For me, that makes it a Sartorial Success. 

Can we take a moment to pay homage to how amazing my hair looked on this particular day?
Thanks hair gods.

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