November 6, 2013

The Great Pumpkin


As much as I enjoy knitting, it is definitely something I can't get behind during the hot months, which for us is February-October. But come those cold nights, there is absolutely nothing I'd rather be doing than clicking away with a pair of knitting needles. 
We had a Cold Snap right before Halloween and I took the opportunity to open my bedroom window, put on all my woolens, and pick up a knitting project. I've been wanting more knit hats for Winter in fun colours, and even bought this pumpkin Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn to knit last year but never got around to it.  I'd intended to make it into one of these, but after a quick looksy through my knitting books, I decided upon the Hollywood Beret from Knitting Vintage.



The pattern was super easy to follow (which is my one hang up with knitting patterns. Why do they have to be so incredibly confusing!), and was crazy fast to knit. My Instagram feed has a few work-in-progress photos, and it was done after two evenings and a slow work day's lunch break. I made a TON of really bone headed mistakes, didn't use the right yearn weight, never bothered to check the gauge... I even somehow managed to skip a whole ring of the green... But I love it. The green is also Lion Brand Wool Ease and I have so bloody much of it left. I actually have one and a half skeins of the pumpkin still. I'm thinking a matching set of fingerless mitts and a scarf are in order? I love mismatched knits, but I also have always wanted a set. Hmmm...



I'd never done any kind of colour work (this does count as colour work right? I'm still such a knitting n00b.), and was so relieved to learn it wasn't as difficult and terrifying as I thought. I don't know that I would have ever learned to knit if it wasn't for Youtube. God Bless it. 
Once I had changed the yarn I realized I was actually knitting a pumpkin hat. I was actually really worried it would look weird and too much like a pumpkin, but I seriously love the way it looks. All of my sisters, friends, and my mother have all requested one for Christmas. I've got plenty of yarn, so I may have to deliver.
I've actually already got another one for me in the works. This one is a really lovely grey and I'm thinking of using white for the accent colour. Then it can look like a snowflake!

I would highly recommed buying this book. There are some beautiful patterns in there and I'm really looking forward to making quite a few of them.  As for this pattern, I would definitely say it's a more advanced beginner pattern, but a fun one.


Happy Knitting!

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