November 25, 2013

Edwardian Farm

Hat- Me Made, Blouse- Me Made, Skirt-Me Made, Belt- Thrift Store, Necklace, Me Made, Boots- Target, Tights- ?, Sweater- LL Bean via Thrift Store

When I was six I got the Chicken Pox. Other than my Uncle (who had never had them and ended up with them in his throat) I had the worse case in the house. I'm sure it didn't actually last that long, but it felt like endless weeks to my poor feral child self (I spent about 99% of my days playing outside, so you can imagine how torturous it was to be inside for days on end). It was right before Easter and I was devastated about not getting to be in the church Easter play, and not getting to wear my incredibly 90's esqu Easter dress that year. It involved black and white gingham and daisies and was one of the few "grungy" pieces I was ever allowed to own. All of the college girls in our church (including the really fashionable one who's name was Stacy and I was convinced was the actual Stacy from the Babysitter's Club) were super jealous of my dress and  I though I was the coolest thing around. My mom had finished reading The Secret Garden to my sisters and I right before we all got sick, and lucky for us the newest film version had just come out on VHS. I had taken quite a liking to the book and when at the video store we rented every bloody version they had. Guys, I've seen them all. I watched and re-watched those movies the whole time I was sick. I loved them. I think we had to re-rent them. Oddly enough after I was better we would go shopping and people would stop me to ask if I was the girl who played Mary in the '93 film. I'm not joking, and I think it's weird because I don't really remember that movie being a big deal, but it happened quite often after that movie came out.



Ever since I have had a huge affinity for wild, over grown gardens, and Edwardian Children's clothes. I actually adore most things out of the Edwardian Era, but I think children's clothes were at their peak. The perfect balance of pretty and practical. I got my Samantha American Girl doll the Christmas after that and so wished I had all her clothes in my size. The lovely stockings, charming bloomers, pretty frocks and delightful knitwear. *Le Sigh*



A few weeks ago I discovered a BBC show called Edwardian Farm, that is essentially a realty show about a historian and two archaeologists living as Edwardian era farmers for a full year. I am so obsessed with it (I just started the WWII one they have, and am equally enthralled)! While I definitely believe that modern life has it's charms, and is "easier," it made me laugh each time one of the three hosts goes on about how it must have been such a hard and often bleak life, yet they have their celebrations, and fun all the same. For me the lesson is that no matter how difficult life may be, happiness, celebration, and joy are timeless, and those are the things that make life sweeter. It immediately brought back all those memories of a quiet, rainy Easter morning with me at home watching Mary Lennox's story unfold and making the chicken pox seem not quite so terrible, all while leaving a huge imprint on my tiny little heart.


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