November 22, 2013


I had hoped to save this post for a time when I could photograph it in the snow, but Lord knows if that will ever happen. As I write this it is dark and rainy though, so that's the next best thing. I knit another one of these hats. Except this time I didn't eff it up. The two are barely recognizable as the same hat. I have no idea what happened in the first one, but this one is actually perfect! I still do love the other one, but this one is just so pretty. I again used Wool-Ease from Lion Brand in a charcoal grey and a really cool white with bits of tinsel in it. I'm not at all keen on weird yarns that glitter, but this one is just enough that it actually looks like a snowflake. As it was blocking I kept petting it and marveling at the fact that I had actually created that. I've already informed everyone I know that this is what they are getting for Christmas. These are such a quick knit and I am excited to make one in all the colours of the rainbow!

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