November 8, 2013





Getting in the car was a lot harder than I anticipated.

My lips weren't crooked to begin with!

I had a sort of double Halloween celebration this year. The weekend before Bri and her husband were invited to one of his friend's annual party. It's a drunken mess, but actually turns out to be pretty enjoyable from a sober standpoint. They asked me to tag along, which I did, and I got to see a friend I haven't seen in ages! It was a really fun night and involved watching drunk guys try and get into a hot tub, and then realizing that bounce houses are a really tough workout. At several points the bounce house collapsed thanks to the hot tub guys. It was pretty hilarious. Bri and Mike went as Ke$ha and Gunther, which was weird. I went as a Gnome because I didn't want to change my clothes. I made the headband, added an apron and mushroom earrings, but otherwise this is what I had worn that day. So yeah...

Yes. I am wearing a bra as a shirt.

On actual Halloween Chipotle was selling $3 meals if you came in costume. All the money made from the $3 meals was donated to a charity. So Bri, Jess, Mike, and I all went. We sort of ran with the Pop Star theme and Jes went as Psy of Gangam Style fame, and I was Katy Perry. I based my costume off one of her performance costumes, but I think most people thought I was cupid. Eh, I got $3 Chipotle.





We've been so crazy busy this year that no one really put a lot of thought into costumes, until the last minute, save Grace who had planned one thing, but the fabric for it was waaaaay too hard to find (and then when we did find it it was $17 a yard!), so she went with a back up costume of Apple Fairy. Her wand and wings were somehow lost during the trick'o'treating, but she was pretty damn cute!





After I got home from work Fraser asked me to help him get his costume ready and had decided to go as a lumberjack. His hat, shirt, and suspenders are mine, and I gave him an eye-shadow beard. He looked pretty awesome if I do say so.




Eric had no plans to dress up, but then found out  that some friends of Fraser and him were coming over. So after mulling it over he told me he wanted to be a sexy grandma... Everything but his shoes is mine. Apparently this was the favourite costume of the adults in our neighbourhood. Eric even googled sexy grandma (I did try to dissuade him from this), and found no other costumes, so he is convinced that he won among all the costumes.



all the girls- wait!
lol at Grace's face.


So Mainstream

I was going to help Delaney dress up as Adele and she would come with us, but she decided to go trick'o'treating and dressed up as a hipster. When she came downstairs my mom asked her if she was going to dress up. Delaney told her she had, and she was a Hipster. My mom just said "you wear those clothes 
every day!" Oh dear...





The boy's friends came as a Blind Referee and a baby, which rounded out the ridiculousness of it all. We ended the night stuffing our faces with chocolate and watching Arsenic & Old Lace as we always do. It was a rather lovely night.

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