November 13, 2013

Mission Inn Run

My sister Bri has been a volunteer at the Mission Inn Museum for ages and after college was hired to work all the jobs (but seriously). One of them for the last few years has been organizing the Mission Inn Run. It's a massive undertaking, and has nearly killed Bri every time, but she always pulls it off with style. This year's event was really wonderful and went to amazingly smooth! Which is an excellent way to go out! Bri got a new job and will be starting next week! So proud of her!

A miserable alarm to set

and a miserable time to wake up

Each year my mom and siblings volunteer with their 4H club at one of the water stations, and for the past two years I sang the National Anthem at the actual crack of dawn before the 1/2 marathon starts, then helped out at the awards booth. This year my mom was out of town at a conference so it was up to me to get everyone out of bed and downtown before the sun was up. We're not exactly morning people, but each of the kids was already getting ready by the time I went to wake them, and they worked so hard, never once complained, even after the event when we had to do all the clean up (which took forever!).  We were all exhausted and sore for the next few days, but had a wonderful time. Local folks, definitely check it out next year, if you haven't!

6am. It ended up being really hot, but that morning was freezing. 

It ended up taking 8 old men, and one young woman to figure out how to use the scissor lifts...

My job later in the day was to stand at the finish line, yell at the runner's who's bodies were shutting down and hand them a medal. It was a seriously hard job. I lost my voice and I helped hand out over 3500 medals. #tired

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