November 15, 2013

Mustard, Zinnia, Katniss

Picture 061

Dress as a top- Old Navy, Skirt- Me Made, Jacket- Ralph Lauren via Thrift Store, Belt & Boots- Target, Earrings- World Market, Bangle- Vintage, Rummage Sale, Mocking Jay Pin- Gift

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As soon as Colette released their newest pattern for ladies (don't even get me started on their new men's/unisex line. I died. So good!), Zinnia, I was elated. Literally the perfect skirt. At the time though I was a bit skint so I put it on my wishlist. To my surprise it arrived in my mailbox a few days later. My mom had also seen it and snapped it up right away. Yay!! There are so many fabrics I want to make this in but for my first one I chose a lovely Mustard Linen-Rayon blend.

Picture 066
Attempting to demonstrate the spinability of this skirt, and failing.

Picture 065
I really feel like I should not that in nearly every single one of the photos I took I either looked wildly angry or was doing something weird with my hands...
I've been dying for a mustard skirt for ages and actually found a maxi skirt one this summer that I intended on shortening. It's not my favourite though and has remained at the bottom of my mending/altering pile since I bought it. A couple weeks ago I was out to dinner and saw a girl in a FANTASTIC mustard skirt. I wish I'd asked her for a photo, because her whole ensemble was adorable, but her skirt was what caught my attention and I knew I needed one ASAP (as well as the PERFECT emerald coloured cigarette pants her friend had on!). So I made this one and it is perfect. I have another one waiting to be cut out in a beautiful pumpkin linen too, but that will probably have to wait until closer to Thanksgiving.

Picture 044

Picture 058

The skirt is definitely well suited for a beginner, but still fun for a more advanced seamstress. I love the shape and the cut, and the button placket.... I just love it. I keep dreaming up new fabrics to make this in. I found a grey wool that as soon as I can afford the $30 a yard (thank goodness for half off coupons!) I plan on pairing it with some real wooden buttons. And I want a navy, and a red, and a green, and a....

Picture 067

Picture 052

I also kinda dressed like Katniss. I have a weird habit of  accidentally dressing like fictional characters, but this is probably one of my favourites. Truthfully, I'm really not opposed to dressing like someone from District 12 everyday.

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