November 20, 2013

Wedding Bells

No, not mine, but my bestie got married last month! It actually seems like it was absolutely ages ago, but in the middle of October Sarah and Cody tied the knot! I had intended to take a bunch of pictures with my real camera, but it ended up being totally impossible. We had a very small amount of time to set up and get ready for pictures, but I did manage to instagram a few (there's actually a lot!) of pics of the day. I have better photos of my dress coming (as soon as I can bear to rip out the seam I'm not happy with.), but just know that I freaking patterned the whole damn thing, and I think the first sleeve took me like five hours to get right. Ugg. Never. Sewing. With. Lace. Again. Also for some reason I look really weird in all these pictures. I'm not sure how that happened, but everyone who has seen them has commented on the fact that this is not what I looked like on the actual day, and how I don't even look like myself half the time. I blame it on the eyelashes. Or clearly the camera just wasn't having my face that day. Stupid technology.

The night before we had the rehearsal and went to dinner at Spaghetti Factory (side note: They had a Blueberry Pomegranate Long Island Iced Tea. Dear merciful heavens it was so good. It was also mighty powerful and one was plenty. But I definitely wanted another!). Charissa found these rad mustaches for all of the girls to wear at the rehearsal. We actually almost forgot until her dad reminded us and we held up the rehearsal putting on fake mustaches. That's how we roll. And yes, in the first photo Charissa's  mustache is upside down. That is also how we roll.

I wore Katy Perry Eyelashes (they're actually Katy Perry brand (hahahahahahaha!) from Target.) and they were ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean fantastic. Though to be honest I couldn't really see out of them. I nearly ran into someone coming out of Starbucks pre-wedding, and when the gentleman apologized for not seeing me I had to explain to him that I couldn't see through my lashes, and then things got weird so I just ran away... Bri and I both made our dresses and really loved the results. Doesn't she and my mama look beautiful!

Well let's be honest, they all looked beautiful (especially in that last photo...). I went to go ask Sarah a question about the candy bar I was setting up as she got ready, and I walked in right as she was putting her dress on and just started sobbing. Which of course set Charissa off too. Also you should know, it's really uncomfortable to cry through Katy Perry lashes...

Love this picture so much!

At the reception I kind of lost it on remembering to take pictures. We sat with Jessica (who was too short to see them cut the cake, so Bri helped her) and her boyfriend and ate, and danced, and laughed, and sang, and had a jolly old time! Once everything  was all said and done and cleaned and Sarah and Cody were on their way to Hawaii, we went back to my house and sat eating pizza and ice cream in my room for a while. It was an absolutely lovely way to wind down after a long, lovely day. 

Happy, Happy marriage Sarah and Cody! I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world!

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  1. You look so lovely!!!