February 12, 2014

Picture 111

Scarf, Blouse, Sunnies, & Shoes of Destiny- Thrift Store,
Evening Star Brooches- Vintage, Antique Shops
Cardigan- Old Navy,
Skirt- Me Made
Earrings- From my great-grandma

When I was a kid I used to dream about the day I finally got my own room. I'd shared with at least one sibling my whole life and I would draw pictures of how I would decorate. It was all very elaborate and over the top and even gaudy. I wanted everything to be Navy, Teal, and Aubergine (I've always been very particular about the names of colours) with a "Bohemian" vibe (code for I really wanted bead curtains).   I wish I still had one of these pictures hidden away because while I distinctly remember them, I am sure they are 100 times more ridiculous through aged eyes.

Picture 116

Picture 115

Picture 119

 While there isn't any Aubergine in it, when I found this scarf at a thrift store recently I immediately thought back to that bedroom I daydreamed about and laughed. My "dream" room never came to fruition, but I did manage to get a canopy for my bed. Who knows, maybe someday I'll finally get a bead curtain..

Picture 114

Picture 122

I should note that I am not a Freemason, but an wildly fascinated with them and collect Eastern Star Paraphernalia. I totally dig the one that looks like a golden eye patch.

Picture 131

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