March 5, 2014

Winter on Broadway Hat, Neck & Wristwarmers



I made these for Charissa. They're 100% wool (Pattons from Joann) so they should keep her Californian bones nice and warm during the remaining New York Winter. Not much else to say about them. The hat is, of course, the same one I've been knitting recently, and the wristwarmers are a free pattern from Martha Stewart.  The neckwarmer thing is actually one of two (the other is in the remaining burgundy yarn and is currently on my needles), and the pattern was a free Ravelry one. I liked how it used some of the same techniques as the hat. Super quick, but satisfying knit. Unlike the mittens. Those are the most boring things in the world to knit. The thumb is interesting if you've never done it before, but good lord. So. Boring.  I've promised other family members hats, but I am really ready to move onto something challenging!

Maybe it's time to finally make that sweater I'm terrified of...

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