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February is my least favourite month in the year. I'm not sure why, but I've just never liked it. I don't even like the word, also no one pronounces it right (there are two "R"s guys) and blah. This Feb-Roo-aRy felt particularly stagnant. I stayed home a lot, went to yoga a lot, ranted a lot, worked a whole lot, didn't adventure a lot, and found a pair of shoes I really sort of adore a lot. It wasn't a bad month, but quite a boring one. I think the problem is that I was really looking forward to March, so I think I spent this last month just going through the motions. Unfortunately I have a feeling April will be the same way, because May is going to be a big, huge, grand, wonderful, ball of excitement. But I'm getting ahead of myself.











These are from a really lovely day in February. My parents took the Saturday after Valentines Day to celebrate so we all piled in the car and drove up to Oak Glen to hike, and shop, and eat way too much sugar. We have a lovely day despite some ridiculous events that transpired, but once certain people had finally eaten lunch, spirits were much higher, and we played until we went home to make homemade pizzas. The weather was perfect, it was really beautiful, and I even found my dream boots. It was a pretty great day.

The story of these boots is really one of magic and wonder. I've been on the search for a pair of cute work boots for a few months and one night dreamed of having a pair of red Justin Ropers. I wear a big shoe size so I really had no hope of finding a pair in my size, but I've been meaning to go out to the flea market to try and find a pair, though I really figured I'd just find a pair of brown ones. When we were in Oak Glen we stopped at one of the locations we rarely go to and found they had a little antique/charity/junk shop. As I walked past the window I noticed a room full of clothes, so I made a beeline for it. They did have some cool pieces, and I wish I could have spent more time digging for treasures, but I didn't have a lot of money and Grace was not interested in the vintage square dancing dress I was trying to talk her into. Just as I began to leave the room I turned to do a last minute scan of the room and saw something red hiding under a Blue Velvet Stetson (let's take a moment to really appreciate that the three things I really wanted to buy at this place was a yellow Square Dancing Dress, Blue Velvet Stetson, & Red Ropers...) and as Chelsea describes (because my mind went blank and I actually began to hyperventilate) I dashed to the dresser they stood on and tossed the Stetson aside, eyes wild, mouth agape, and picked up these boots frantically checking for the size. Apparently all I said was "guys... Guys... GUYS..." over and over as I tore off my own shoes  and slipped these babies on. They fit perfectly and are even just big enough that I can wear tick socks with them, which will be incredibly nice once May comes along! Of course I was pretty sure the lady at the counter would ask for some absurd price so I tried to remain calm and casually asked her how much she wanted. $7. SEVEN FRIGGIN' DOLLARS! I scrambled to grab the $10 bill I had in my wallet before she could change her mind, and then I literally ran gleefully around the place looking for cell service to call my mom and announce my find.  DREAMS COME TRUE GUYS! Anyway, all my other boots have become obsolete, and these things are just beautiful and in pretty much perfect condition. My dad even got his big fancy shoe shining kit out and showed me how to shine and waterproofed them. They are actually perfect and I love them.

How was your February?

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