March 17, 2014

Gracie Hobbie


The next few posts I have are all projects that were formerly in my UFO pile until I got super weirdly productive this weekend and sewed everything. I'm excited to show you them! First up is a little (literally) refashion. I bought a Holly Hobbie printed 70's Maxi Dress at a thrift store sometime last summer and  initially I was going to make me a skirt and Grace a top from this, but after some real soul searching I knew I would never wear the skirt, so I made a dress for Grace.


The day before these were taken my mom, Grace, and I went out thrifting and Grace bought this jacket that she is obsessed with. Absolutely. Obsessed. She kept "mocking" it while we were at Goodwill but we knew she wanted it, so my mom bought it for her and she has just hung out in it ever since. Yesterday she stole a Stetson of mine, made a tinfoil "sheriff's" badge, took a pink ribbon and tied it around her waist to stick her rubber band and cap guns in, and told everyone in an effected Texan Accent that she was Sheriff Grace and stick 'em up! Eariery she has been Tasha who lived in Nashville and had nice legs. 

I don't know where he gets it.
No seriously...
Anyways her dress looked pretty spiffy with it.





Grace is the most difficult person to get to take a picture.

The ruffle was already on the dress so I just shortened it and gathered it to the bodice. The bodice pattern is Simplicity 1893 which is apparently out of print now, which is sad because this is a really great little girls dress. The pattern is crazy easy and has some cute variations. I've made this once before for Grace (in a Merida from Brave print), and I will definitely be using it again. It's an absolutely perfect sundress and Grace is a big fan. 



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