March 31, 2014

Second Time Around


Dress- Me Made, Belt- Thrift Store, Sandals- Target

I started this dress last May in anticipation of the Mumford & Son's San Bernardino stop of the Gentlemen of the Road Tour. I remember being really frustrated with this dress and abandoned it for this one, though I am not really sure why. I know that at one point I even put this half made dress in a donation pile, but at some point apparently rescued it. 




There really wasn't much left to do: attach the buttons, finish the arm and neck openings, and give it a hem. However after trying it on I found several fit issues. They were fairly simple to fix but I guess I must have been way too frustrated with this dress to see the solution. Sometimes taking a second look is worth it.




Excuse the terrible photo. I was trying to get a shot of the pretty vintage buttons I used. 

But sometimes things are NOT worth a second look. Stay tuned for that horror story.


  1. Aw, so glad you saved this dress! It's a beaut and so are you. I love horror stories, I am totally sticking around!!

  2. You have made my dream summer dress. The print and cut is beautiful and it looks so amazing on you!