July 6, 2014


Cardigan- Old Navy, Dress- Me made, Belt- Target, Shoes- H&M

I have lost 40 pounds in the 7 weeks I've been gone. As a result most of the clothing I have with me is now either comically large or finally fits. The pieces that fit though are t-shirts and tops, while all my skirts are huge... It's a struggle. Unfortunately I've found that thrift stores here are overpriced and lacking in selection, so I will have to wait until I get to Scotland in order to replenish my diminishing wardrobe. In the meantime though I have been doing a lot of thinking and assessing as far as clothes go. I have a post coming on that topic, but it's made my desire to take outfit pictures pretty small. There isn't a lot with me right now that I love and I've come to the conclusion that wearing clothes you don't love is a waste of time. And while I can't do much about that right now, it's given me a lot of food for thought!

I meant to have these up on the 4th, but the weather has suddenly turned rainy and made picture taking difficult. It also makes hiking difficult. Yesterday I decided to go on a hike that everyone had assured me, was a leisurly, nice little jaunt. Two and a half hours, a hugely steep mountain, and getting caught in the rain, later I made it almost to the end of the trail when the rain got even harder and I decided to head back. These are from a moment of dryness at the top of the trail. Don't get me wrong, the hike was super cool and well worth it, but also I was annoyed and returned home soggy and tired. I should probably mention that I ended up hiking two steep mountains too because where I live is at the top of another steep mountain. I really like Norway, but my knees are pretty done with hiking Fjords!

Also if you were wondering what is up with my face in the first few pictures, it's due to the fact that I noticed this guy hanging out in a tree next to me.
Have I mentioned how terrified of bees I am?

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