July 16, 2014

Norway on Instagram

Norwegian makes me giggle sometimes
("Full speed with 4G")

A cabin with no electricity, running water, or gas on the top of the Fjord over looking a Lake.

Raspberry picking along the Fjord

Replacement sneakers and glacier rivers

Waterfalls and wild raspberries

A t-shirt splurge, new wool, and a secondhand handknit Norwegian sweater for a cool 16 clams. 

Still can't believe my luck on this one.

I named this guy Sven and really, really love this picture.

When you find Norwegian Nancy Drew books, you buy Norwegian Nancy Drew books.

Trolls sleeping as I raked fields.

Super Moon at 3:30am.
Yeah, I actually hate not having a night.

More Glacier Rivers

Whale Steak.
I know, I know. 
But guys some environmentalists fed me this and assured me it was caught ethically and was not near extinction. 

Also it was delicious.

Frystekake "Prince Cake" I made and then destroyed.
Also it was so good.

Gigantic raspberries on thebest carrot cake I've ever had.

There were flecks of dark chocolate in it...

I bought a hat because it has trolls knit into it.

A really awesome Skype session with my favourite people.

I leave this farm Saturday and head to Oslo where I will get to hangout and get my fill of museums for 6 days. On Friday I fly out of Oslo to Edinburgh! I am really going to miss this farm, I'm going to miss Norway, and I am also so excited to head off on this final destination. I'll be in Scotland at least until the end of October, and then home. I have learned so much, and still have so much to learn. I'm terrified and so incredibly excited to go home. I'm so exceptionally grateful for everything. I just feel so excited to be able to live. I'm learning to let go of the things that don't bring me joy, that don't build me up. I'm learning to be someone who brings joy and builds up. 

I am really, really, really happy. 
I am so joyful.

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