April 30, 2009

Meet Penelope

This is Penelope Luna Barrett. She's part Lab, part German Shepherd. She's pretty much the sweetest/loveliest/most adorable thing ever! And Penelope was my name choice. Somehow no one ever likes my names, but this time I won! Ha! Originally I liked Coco, but Penelope is much cuter. And seeing as my whole family has middle names starting with L, and Luna was the next highest voted on name, we named her Penelope Luna. Ain't she cute?

That purse is actually a Scottie dog, but Fraser was OBSESSED with taking a picture of them together.

April 29, 2009

I hate to say this,

but I have swine flu.

No joke. It's strange to be one of the Millions four who are effected by this. I mean I don't feel any different, although suddenly bacon is less appealing.
I'm joking of course. I don't have swine flu and neither do you. Holy frock anyone who sneezes is going to be hospitalized. I don't want to hear anymore about it. Be safe, and healthy, and by all means avoid mexico, but seriously if you aren't going to build an airtight bomb shelter underground to avoid it, then shut up. I'm tired of it. Please and thank you.
Rant aside, I found a couple really cool websites today, whilst browsing blogs. I was reading Betsy's blog and she had a bunch of links for retro inspired swimwear. Here are my favourites.

All the following are from here

Love this one!

The following are from here

They also sell the swim caps!

My favourite
This one is made of satin just like the original patter it was based off.

Handheld History

Last week I went to an old antique store a block from my office. I'd left work early and got a chance to browse leisurely through all the pretty things. They have a fantastic selection of vintage clothing, but it's all really expensive. I wasn't going to buy anything until I saw a stack of old photos. So I went through them. These are the ones I bought: (Click to make them bigger)

The top two pictures are my favourite. There isn't a date on the top left one, but it's pretty obviously from the '30's. I love that hat the woman on the right is wearing. and the dresses! This is written on the back: "R Mrs. Snedden Back one June Agnes mother of June Jeanette." The one on the right I love so much. Hopefully you can see it large enough, but both the people look so dang happy! The back of this one says "Bloomington 8/10/30." The bottom photo says "Gloria Snedden Graduation from E N Woodruff High School June 1951." Clearly these were some family photos. I started researching where they could be from and found the high school which is in Peoria Illinois, which is outside Bloomington. I have no idea how these photos got all the way out here. The website for the school has an alumni list, but Gloria isn't on the list for 1951. It may be a list of surviving alumni, but I'm not sure. I'm thinking of contacting the school to see if they have an record of her, and whether she, or any relatives are still in the area. As much as I love these photos, it would be kind of fun to track down the people an return them to the family.

This batch are more mysterious. The only one with any writing is the top left. The back says "Taken Sept 1942." After examining the photos though, I think that the couple in this picture are the same as in the one from 1930. I could be wrong, but they look very much alike. The house in the background looks like it might be in Riverside, but I can't say for sure. The other two photos I bought because of the ladies hair styles. I've been pin curling my hair all week trying to attain something similar. I love the photo booth picture so much. She seems so happy, and he looks like he's not quite sure why he let her talk him into this. I guess men and women haven't really changed all that much. And how great is it that she's holding a hot dog! I like to believe that this was taken at some carnival right before he was shipped off to WWII. Of course he was wounded and flown back home to recover in a VA hospital, and the only thing that kept his spirits alive were re-reading each letter she wrote to him. I'm fairly certain they were already married here, or at least engaged. She has a really pretty ring on her ring finger. The last photo again has nothing written on the back. In my head she's a school teacher,though she hates it. Mousy and quiet, she has resigned herself to being an old maid after her heart was broken by her high school sweetheart. She would have loved to travel and once upon a time in New York City she bumped into a very handsome business man, while trying to take in all the tall buildings. She'd apologize and he'd fall in love with her on the spot. She of course would have dashed off feeling quite embarrassed, and he would spend the next week searching for her, until she showed up at the same show on Broadway as he. He'd approach her and they'd then become fast friends, though secretly they both are madly in love with the other. In the end he confesses his love for her and she confesses her love for him, and they get married and she never has to teach another class again.
I read a lot of WWII novels growing up.

Ashley Lou Barrett is currently annoyed by the following:

Feel free to skip over this post. I'll do a proper post later on. I'm just venting and no one needs to pay any heed to my romantic laments.

Things that are exceedingly annoying at the moment:

  • Tweeney boppers
  • Tweeny boppers who become fans of cuddling
  • Facebook
  • Overtly sappy religious people
  • Dot Theory
  • My crappy song writing skills
  • Jealousy
  • Myself
  • My Office
  • Certain people's voices
  • Bro's
  • The above's respective Ho's
  • Telephones
  • Riverside

Last night, as I was pin curling my hair, I realized it. I realized why I've been so frustrated, why I'm lacking in inspiration, and why everything seems so dissatisfying. Because I don't belong. I never have. I'm a fringer; I don't even belong with the fringe, but they're the closest to where I belong. I'm not sad about this, I've always known it deep down. But what's changed is that I don't want to pretend to fit in anymore. I don't like the parts for me to play here. There is absolutely nothing left for me. If I stay in Riverside, I'll be at this job forever, I'll never be really happy, I'll always feel stifled, and I'll never reach my full potential. So I'm gonna leave. June of next year. That gives me a year to save for it, prepare for it. I have no idea what I'm gonna do, or how I'm gonna live, and that idea makes me so happy. I'm going to keep my eyes on the prize, to push forward for that, and to not be side blinded by all the drama and crap that everyone around me seems to like to live in. It's time to be a grown up. Before the idea of my being a grown up used to scare me. Now, it doesn't. It makes me excited.

April 27, 2009

Monday Inspiration Station #8

Strangly enough, while the rest of the country was having blazingly hot tempetures this weekend, it was really nice here. I mean like, grab a cardigan and wear some sandals nice. And today is overcast and gloomy. Strange things are afoot.
In other news, I played hero yesterday when I went to the park with Gracie and some stupid jr. high kids were being stupid and one of the girls landed on her arm and I heard a rather loud snap and looked to see that her arm was in the shape of an "S". I don't do anything that is even remotely related to medical things, and my initial reaction was to run, because if there was blood I would have passed out, but after a bargain with God (any blood and sticking out bones and I'm gone) I went over to check her out. It was a pretty clean break and still gives me shivers to think about it. So I called 911 and had to wait for the paramedics and ambulance to arrive. Her friend called her parents who lived down the street and came flaying down in their hummer faster than they should have. Grace was really good about it. She sat on the grass and drew in my notebook the whole time. She tried to play with the paramedics box of wonders but I quickly stopped that. The poor girl was pretty brave about it all considering that had to give her a morphine shot, then had to put her on a morphine drip before they could splint the thing. It was highly gross and the whole time I wanted to throw up, but I was a good little citizen and gave my report to the paramedics. After all this Grace and I played for a bit but then went home to tell Bri and Michael all about our adventure. Then we got sushi and Grace was a basket case, while I got shrimp with some strange honey flavoured mayo stuff. Shrimp was good, mayo stuff was gross. How was your Sunday?

I'm bringing back turbans. That swimsuit is so stinking cute. I found this on Flickr, but I can't remember the photographer's name.

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but there is something about it that makes me so happy.

I love Marlo Thomas. I love that outfit more.

Bri and I are planning her Bridal Shower this week. We've been set on a tea for a while now. Last night she suggested a semi Alice in Wonderland theme. I have mad Alice in Wonderland love so naturally I got on board and have been doing nothing but "research" ever since.

How charming is this? I love it. Poster found on Retro to go

April 25, 2009

I woke up in the best mood. Maybe it was because I got a FULL NIGHT OF SLEEP! or because the sun was shining but it never got past 75. Either way this was how I spent my day:

Beautiful sunshine after being in a stuffy office watching stupid training videos. We had to work on Saturday, which sucked but what followed did not:

We went to Dragon House for lunch for "Administrative Assistants Day" Which was Tuesday by the by.

The Asian in with the Asians

Asian Stuff

Michael and Jess tried to fly away from work but it didn't work too well.



Me and my leg concave?

Bri was dressed like a gypsy. She put a curse on me.

My dad / boss. He hates to have his picture taken

Then I went to the park to watch the sunset and...

Have a little Jam session with myself

And here is what I recorded at the park. yes I am playing (you'll realize that when I get to the bridge) and yes I am singing, and no I do not usually sound that nasally, it's just the recording. I'd love any feedback.

April 24, 2009

She Flatter's Benjamin

Today's inspiration:

Today: I know this isn't an exact replication of the above, but it's as close as I could muster. It's chilly this morning and overcast. I hope it lasts, I can't handle much more of these 90 and triple digit days.

Hat- Target
Dress- Mode
Brooch- Magpie (Portland, Or.)
Drug Mule Belt- Thrifted (will be explained below)
Socks- Target
Shoes- Buffalo Exchange (Portland, Or.)
Bag- Target

"You look like a London model." Shawn the crazy office lady
I like how my hand looks like some evil claw. Yesterday Grace and I were goofing around and she told me we were going to play a game and my name was going to be "Evil Girl" and she was going to be "Super Villain Girl" (yes she said villain). I told her that if she was a villain and I was evil, we were really the same person because villains are evil. She nodded and said "yes, positive to positive." Then I told her she was sneaking out of the house at night to go to genius school and she told me she couldn't do that because she doesn't "have that stinkin' driver's license yet." She's strange.

I liked my pose here, but the picture's crap, but look how clean my room's looking! It's still not done, but soon.... I changed from the belt above to the one in the pictures above at the last minute. The one I'm wearing I like to call my drug mule belt. There is a zipper on the inside that opens up the belt so you can slide something in it. Like pure china white, or something. Remind me not to wear this to any airports anytime soon.

So last night, after seemingly weeks of toiling and frustration, I finally wrote a song. It came together rather quickly once I got started. I haven't put it to music yet, but I'm toying with some strange chords in my head. I realized yesterday that I'm having such a hard time with writing music because nothing around here inspires me. Well nothing obviously inspires me. I've found that I'm having to search harder and harder for subject matter and ideas. It's hard when each day is the same as the day before and lacks any originality. So I'm trying to find things in the monotony that becomes poignant or just stick out to me. The song is called Flatters Benjamin which was a word verification I had yesterday. I got three song ideas from word verifications now. But alas, it's very hard to be mediocre when you want very dearly to be brilliant. I'm sure every musician feels this way, the sinking doubt that anyone will ever want to hear your crap, much less buy it, the dread at the things you work so hard on being critiqued, the hopeless admiration of other musicians who are nothing but pure genius. I wonder how those geniuses (I know that's not the proper form. I took Latin in high school and college) deal with all this, or do they really think they are all that and a bag of chips? I hope not, because I'd like to think they weren't arrogant like that. I'd like to think that they are really tortured souls, who write to hide and heal the pain, who think they are nothing and will never live up to their own silly ideas of what their music should be. I think to a degree all artists are like this. We all strive to be genius and tortured and some of us just aren't genius. Maybe I should stop trying to write pain filled music. I mean I'm not a generally depressed person. Blah. I don't know. Maybe it'll come to me after some more coffee. Have a wonderful weekend. Expect some changes next week and a shop update Sunday. I may even post a vlog...

April 23, 2009



  • morning
  • week
  • thoughts
  • dream
  • outfit
  • hair
  • mood
  • people
  • feeling

I've been feeling weird all week. Like somethings coming, I just can't figure it out. I can't even really describe how I feel. It's like I'm full, and calm, and happy, but scared. It's like there's a small hole in my stomach that keeps trying to churn and freak out, but everything else is telling it to stop, because it's all fine, and the hole knows it's all fine, but it wants to churn nonetheless. That's the best description I can muster. But I think it's going to be big, and good, and free-ing. The thing about it is that even though I have this crazy feeling, I'm not looking for anything to happen. It's like I know it'll happen in it's own good time and meanwhile I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Usually when I'm expecting something I look around every corner, waiting anxiously and end up missing it, cuz I'm specifically looking for it. I don't know. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, maybe I'm a lunatic. All I know is that I feel weird.

How are you feeling today?

April 22, 2009

Your Regularly Scheduled Hilarity

Please to enjoy. This sums up what Riverside is all about. I'm pretty sure the chick in this is the Paralegal who's office is next to mine. No joke. Welcome to "So Cal."

April 21, 2009

Check list

To do this week:

  • Spring clean

  • Finish seventy million sewing projects

  • Work on creepy song

  • Work on escapism song

  • Find chords to Don't rock me tonight by Fountain of Wayne (please don't ask, I'm being forced to do this)

  • Learn above

  • Finish uploading music

  • Send out all mis-addressed letters

  • Buy Thesaurus

  • Finish Flappers and Philosophers

  • Figure out how to become a genius

  • Re-dye dress

  • Find new Shampoo

  • Book Frisco flight and hotel

  • Update shop

  • Watch all the Isto videos on youtube

Excuse my absence. It may not seem like alot, but it's all very time consuming. And by the by, it's hot. This is retarded.

April 20, 2009

Dang you

You are just to stinking fabulous for words!

April 19, 2009

MIS #7

I've got to get better with this editing my blog posts better thing. I just realized that footnote on my previous post is in refference to something I ended up deleting because it wasn't relevant (like any of it was). Apologies.

So I've decided that I'm never buying jewelry again, I'm just going to make it. I went to Michael's yesterday and left with the makings for two necklaces. I made them both last night, and I love them. I also have discovered two new obsessions. One is making clothing out of tablecloths and sheets. The other (which I'm sure my mom in none too pleased with) is dying clothing. Seriously. I love it. So much fun. I bought a dress at goodwill yesterday and I hated the colour. It was white and this strange pink, but I liked the cut and concept behind it. So I bought some yellow dye. It is now a very strange orange-y yellow. I kinda like it.
But enough about my strange, pathetic life.

Genius. That is all. From Fredflare.com
Love, Love, Love.

Love it. I need that hat.

I have been searching every thrift store I go to for a pair of pants like these. Someday I will find them and it will be a happy day.

Please? Just take me away. This picture inspired a song. I love it.

In other news I am excited/horrified about this summer. Excitment come in the form of I am going to San Fransisco for a few days in July. I love Frisco! Very excited. Also my family is going camping this summer which always proves to be some crazy adventure, so that should be very much fun. However I am horrified at the prospect of the weather. It's April 20th (happy 4/20 by the by(remind me to tell you about 4/20 in Central Park sometime. Two words: Tree cup.)) and at 9:08 this morning it was 81 degrees. yup. 81. By the time I got to work it was 85. At 9:25. AM. Ugg....

Oh and also this came up on my "adds you might find useful" on my email: Terrorist Logo Wall Chart - http://www.intelcenter.com/ - IntelCenter Jihadi Logos Wall Chart features 41 group logos, 44" x 36"

Great. Now the CIA is going to be looking for me.