May 27, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Bow- Lulu Letty on Etsy
Earrings- gift from my grandma
Necklace- Target
Cardigan- Target
"A" pin- Vintage
Bangle- Vintage, thrifted
Belt- Vintage, borrowed from another dress
Dress- Thrifted, possibly vintage, altered by me
Shoes- Off Saks

Not much to say today. I just spent two hours experiencing the joys of Riverside's archaic public transportation system, while be chatted up by a most idiotic person. Seriously, it was not fun. And some dude smelled of marijuana so bad that I now have a headache... Alas, poor me and my dang car.


On a happier note, this is my newest "new favourite dress." I thrifted it at the same time as the pink pants. I fell in love with the back detailing, which I forgot to photograph, but it criss-crosses in the back and is stinking adorable.Originally it hit me just above my ankles but I chopped it off and gave it a scalloped hem. Which I did in the most boneheaded fashion that took forever! But I love the end result! I will definitely be doing this again (just not so stupidly). I really liked the way this whole outfit came together and received many compliments throughout the day. I just plain felt pretty all day long! It was a nice feeling :-)



I also really love this cardigan. It has some bead work at the neck and such a vintagey feel to it. Plus the colour is beautiful. Target has some really pretty embellished cardigans right now, and I may just have to go pick up a couple more.


I don't know why I like this picture so  much, but I do.


I bought new makeup last weekend and have been playing around with my eye makeup more. The lipstick I'm wearing is Kat Von D Coral Castle. I might just be my favourite thing right now.  Now if only I could get rid of those under eye bags...

May 26, 2011

What Would Daisy Wear?


I think I mentioned it earlier, but my sister and I are planning a going away/birthday party with a 1920's theme. Specifically it's a Great Gatsby theme. While our imaginations grossly out shine our budget, we are trying to make the event as spectacular as can be, which means a lot of making things ourselves. So there is no guarantee that I'll get the floating lights in the pool, or moon and stars photobooth, or even the Japanese lanterns, but it's been fun to come up with near ridiculous ideas! We're still in the planning phase as it won't be until August, but we figured we'd probably better get a move on with planning now. Mostly because we are expert procrastinators.

As we all know, all I can think about is what I (and others) will wear. I think once long ago, deep in the archives of this blog that I probably deleted, I went on and on about my love of 1920's fashion. I really do absolutely adore it all! The glitz and glamour are far from my norm, but it's a fun indulgence. BUT! I am adamantly against fringed flapper dresses. I mean seriously people, the amount of dresses in the 20's that actually had fringe is a very small amount. Of all the decadent embellishments dresses in the 20's had, we've chosen Fringe as the iconic one? Don't get me started on the elastic sequin headband with a stupid feather popping out of it. Oh my gosh that is one of my biggest pet peeves. And everyone who I've told about this party's theme has said "oh! So we get to wear dresses with fringe!" Thusly I have decided to include a fringed dress ban on the invitations. Seriously. But I also started a Pintrest board that we'll link to for help with the guest's attire. Most of my friends are pretty lame in the dressing up department (I still love you guys, but it's true), so I am taking matters into my own hands. Which makes me sound insane, but most of you already know that. Plus I will probably toss anyone in a fringe dress into the pool. My pet peeves may be ridiculous, but they burn with intensity ;-)

Despite my strong opinions about fringe, I have no idea what I am going to wear. 1920's clothes look tragically awful on me. The whole drop waist-sack thing does nothing for my figure. I need a waist. Like really need a waist, or I just look dumpy. Which has made my costume searching very difficult. Very few frocks from the 20's have a waist at the natural waist, which is what I really need. Through my searching I happened up on this dress from Eva Dress (second photo below). I really like it! I think the cut would be rather flattering, and look! A waist! I also really like the simplicity of the actual dress. Easily dressed up or down, but still an interesting construction. I like the idea of a yellow dress for a summer's evening lawn party, but yellow tends to be a hard colour for me to wear. I have to find just the right shade, and that usually proves a very hard thing to do. When I saw the first image below I kind of fell in love with the light blue (a colour I pull off very well!). But I love the crimson example as well. Another dress I'm looking at is this one (the site won't let you copy the images). I think it's the funky skirt that drew me in, but I'm not sure I really like it for me.

Eva Dress has some other pretty dresses as well, but all would require some grading, which I'm not too thrilled about, but the dresses are stunning! Particularly this one (below). Oh my goodness, I love it! Though I think the first one is honestly more of what I am looking for, so I am kind of still debating.  In the end I will probably go with the first dress and just embellish it to add a little pizazz. I recently bought this book which has instructions on how to make some 20's style floral accents. 

I also have plans for some fun shoes (which I am hand rhinestone-ing. Yes you read that right. I started this project last year, and well, they aren't done, but now I have an excuse.), and accessories. I really want to make a pretty headpiece (that does not consist of elastic sequins and a feather), but I'm still trying to decide what I want exactly. But I am really excited for this! I'm looking forward to releasing my inner Daisy Buchanan (and I just learned to Charleston too)!

So which pattern get's your vote? Which do you think is befitting a Gatsby Girl?

May 25, 2011

DIY: 60's Tailored Capris

Y'know how I am often talking about my ill-proportioned body? Well here's the deal, all my weight hangs out in my gut which is why dresses tend to be more flattering on my figure. and while I'm chunky all over, my gut isn't proportionate to the rest of my body. This is why I hate pants. My legs aren't large enough to fill the legs of pants that are my waist size. So I end up being swallowed in fabric, which as we all know makes you look bigger, especially for someone who is as shortly proportioned as me (My dad and I are fairly sure we have some weird form of Dwarfism. Dwarfs have all short proportions that are pretty much equal to each other, so while I may be a big girl, I can bend over and lay my hand flat on the floor. This greatly amuses dance teachers and yoga instructors alike.) So I have pretty much given up on finding proper pants  that actually fit me in stores. I keep planning on making them, but well, I just don't want to. I don't wear pants enough to justify it y'know. And I'm cool with that because it's not like I really love pants anyway. With one giant exception.

Screencaps from Here
(and guess who has 

This movie. This movie. This movie is pretty much everything I dreamed as a kid. International Jewel heist? Check! Hunky English guy in 60's swim trunks? Check! The mind blowing setting of the ruins of Ancient Greece? Check! Mentioning Ethno-Musicology? Check! Lies, deception, midday cocktails, and being drugged? Check! Killer wardrobe? Check! The Moon-Spinners is still one of my favourite movies, and always will be. I just love it! (and it only takes about five minutes of meeting me to figure this out!) And since I was a little girl I have wanted a pair of pink capris. I mean, seriously, pink capris! And of course the fact that they are 60's capris make them all the more cool,  with their slim Audrey fit, and totally obnoxious colour. Someone give me a fan, cuz I just might faint. I have been searching for fabric in the perfect shade of pink to make my own to no avail. So when I happened into Goodwill on a whim and just happened to see a pair in a near perfect colour, in my size, well obviously it is fate right? Right. Ish. See they were really baggy in the legs, even though they fit pretty well everywhere else (they're a tad loose in the waist, but I can live with that for now). I took them home anyways figuring I'd just re-cut them which is where this tutorial came from (now that I have waxed on forever). So if you have a similar problem this is a quick and easy fix. The most advanced sewing skills you need is how to stitch a straight line. Seriously! So let's get started!

You will need:
Sewing machine
Pants (duh)


Step One:
Try on your pants inside out and determine where the most excess fabric is. For me this was in the crotch area (I hate that word, someone please invent a nicer sounding one). If it is for you start right at the center seam at the crotch (ugg) and pin the extra fabric together for a comfortable fit (and try not to pin yourself. trust me). Taking one leg at a time, start pining the extra fabric down the side until about mid thigh. Take the pants off now and pin down the rest of the leg. Once you've done this, try them on again (inside out) and check the fit. Adjust as needed. If you feel like there is still too much fabric on the other side, pin in the same manner. I wanted mine to have a very slim fit, so I took in both sides. 


Step Two:
If your pants are, like mine, jeans, make sure you have thread and a needle appropriate for the task. I used the overlocking stitch on my machine, but you can also use a straight stitch. Sew following the line of your pins, making sure to back stitch at the ends.




Step Three:
Try on the pants to make sure that they fit correctly. I ended up having to take mine in quite a bit more, but if you take it one leg at a time, it's very easy. Trim away the extra fabric, as close to the stitch line as possible if you overlocked. If you used a strait stitch trim, then fold out the seam allowance and press to set. And you're done. If you need to hem your pants, do this now by cutting about 1/2 an inch longer than your desired length. Press 1/4 over and stitch into place. Fold the remaining 1/4 inch and top stitch. This took me about an hour to do the whole thing (even with the extra fitting)! Now go rock your pants!


May 23, 2011


This weekend was pretty perfect. I didn't accomplish a single thing that I needed too (thought I did get a water tank for my car! Now I just need tires!), and I got sunburned, and spent most of the weekend being sweaty, but all in all, it was perfect.



Track Meet. Chel and I got gold in Heckling.



Fish-n-Chips at the Harbour



An Apocalyptic Hike



New Shoes! Fulfilling my Jr. High dreams of owning Jack Purcell's.






Before the rapture....


and after the rapture. Chelsea's shoes were apparently holy.


Celebrating this girl's birthday with pizza, silly party games, yummy cake, and some dancing.


Such a beautiful sight!

How was your weekend?

May 19, 2011

Being Green

Being Green

Being Green

Being Green

Hair bow- Craft store
Earrings and Belt- Target
Bangle- Thrifted, Vintage
Dress- Vintage via Etsy
Cardigan, Bag, and Shoes- Thrifted.

I have always had a fondness for the colour Green, but I own very little of it. I particularly love sage and moss greens, though I am partial to British Racing Green as well (also I totally want some green Hunter Wellies someday). I've been trying to add more green pieces to my wardrobe so when I saw this dress on Etsy, I fell in love with it! perfectly spring-ish, and lightweight enough for summer too. It does have sleeves, but we had some freak rain storms here this past week and today was still a bit chilly. Wearing a cardigan in May because I need to? This must be heaven. My hair is done up in this tutorial. As I've mentioned before, the 60's were the first era I got really into. And while I really do think I can pull off 60's styles, much better than 40's, I just really love the 40's. But sometimes it's nice to deviate from the norm. On another note, I think I'm going to have to stop denying that my hair is red...

Being Green

Being Green

I'm going to be updating my own etsy shop this evening, so if you're interested, please swing by. Also I need new tires, so I fully encourage you to shop away :-)

May 10, 2011

Mother's Day



Y'know what they say, if you find a good park to celebrate holidays at, do it for every holiday....




While waiting for some people to arrive, Chelsea, Grace, Fraser and I explored more of the park. It's funny, when I was a kid I spent a fair amount of time here (and won the Epic Roller-Blade-Off of 1993 here). When I was a teenager I decided that this was to be the location of my wedding. Now as an adult I really am just so taken by how beautiful it all is. The vibrant colours of the flowers, the beautiful layout, and a fair bit of sweet nostalgia all make this place a favourite of mine. And then Delaney announced that she wanted to be married here...


Bri, Chel, and I were all in charge of Mother's day this year. My grandparents came in from Arizona for my baby cousin's dedication and afterwards came over to the park for lunch. We had an amazing meal, all cooked by Chelsea, yummy desserts that Bri made, and one of the best afternoons playing games and sitting in the breeze. A random cold snap came in this weekend and Sunday was a beautiful 62 degrees, with a very chilly wind. I was quite pleased. My job in the whole affair was organization of people, and places. Trust me, my sisters got the easy jobs ;-)

Pansies from our garden on an amazing 6 layer lemon chiffon cake with home made lemon curd. Yes, it was to die for (and for those who always ask for the recipes, I promise I will be providing them soon!)





We have become quite obsessed with playing croquet. Eric is not athletically minded in the least, but proclaimed this his "favourite sport." My dad is still wondering if we should tell him it isn't exactly a sport....




Midnight on Saturday I decided that I needed a new skirt to wear. Old faithful, some blue linen, and two and a half hours later, I had my new favourite skirt. No really, I love this dumb skirt. Best hem I've ever done, best sewing I've ever done. Also, linen is not the fabric of my life. I fully intent to live in it all summer long.






While my flower arranging skills leave much to be desired (honestly I was so frustrated with other things that I only arranged about five flowers and then threw in the rest!), the colours were absolutely beautiful together.



Bri's key lime tart. Best key lime I've ever had!


Someone stole some frosting from the cake.



Eventually the fact that I was up until 2:30 in the morning caught up with me, so I laid down on a blanket to read (FINALLY getting to Never Let Me Go, which I am so far throughly enjoying (if that is the right word)). I ended up falling asleep for a little while as the down-right chilly breeze blew my skirts about. A perfect day.




All photos by Delaney and myself.

I hope your day was just as wonderful.